Sunday, May 24, 2009

Family Reunion Invitation

I finally completed a project! 36 handmade invitations to my dad's family's 29th reunion. My dad is the fifth of 12 kids and this is his third turn as host. He asked me if I could print the invitations. He wanted them to say "be there or beware" with a smiley face and a skull and cross bones for emphasis. My mom didn't like his idea and suggested a picture of my grandparents instead. I choose this picture of them from the 1930s just before they were married. I had the cardstock, but it was too thick to go through my printer so I had to print everything separately and stick it on with double-sided tape. The inside has a nice insert with all the reunion information. At the bottom of the insert, I instructed people to lift the page for RSVP info. Underneath I snuck in the slogan, smiley face and skull my dad wanted along with my parents phone number. It made my dad laugh and although my mom may have been irritated that I included the tackiness she disapproved of, she also said she hadn't realized they would be so fancy so I guess she liked them. It's near impossible to please my folks so I consider the invitations a success.


  1. Nice! I really like the photo you chose, and I think your family is going to dig on it.

    For some reason the snapshot reminds me of that Bonnie and Clyde picture where they're standing by their vehicle with guns trying to look all tough (but really look kind of sweet at the same time).

  2. (My grandparents= Bonnie + Clyde) Awesome!

  3. My dad invited several of their cousins to our reunion. They were especially complimentary about the invitation. Butch said it was the coolest thing ever and wants to use that picture for their high school reunion or have me make the invites (or something...I kind of lost him at one point).