Saturday, March 21, 2009

Off to the library again

I have another two books on hold at the library, both of them to do with beading. God forbid that I should use Google to self-diagnose (never, EVER Google "spider bites"), but I'm beginning to think that I'm crossing the line into OCD behavior.

I must add, though, that the IMCPL has a pretty good variety of books on arts and crafts, and I'm too cheap to shop at Borders.

I'm hoping to have some photos to post later on.


  1. Hey Jen! So, it's set up and ready to go. I was all fired up about this when I signed up from work this morning. Now that I am home, I think a nap is in order.

    I went to my branch library after work- suckage best describes the craft section. I always have to order stuff in from downtown and wait a long time for it to arrive. Indy definitely has Cincy beat on the public library craft section front.

    I hope this inspires me to start any of the numerous projects I have had in mind for so long. Even 1.

  2. I hope this inspires me to finish even 1 of the numerous projects I have had in mind for so long (and have never started).

    I went to my branch library to return Fool after work today. I browsed the single column of craft books while I was there. Complete suckage. If I want anything I have to order it from downtown and it takes forever for it to arrive. Plus I'm missing so much by not being able to browse. IMCPL's craft section was like the Holy Grail the day we went there. Makes me want to move back to Indy just for that!