Sunday, March 15, 2009

Projects for a mechanically imposed lazy Saturday

An aerial shot of the bracelet with the red Swarovski crystals and strawberry charms. Pardon the cat-induced scratches on the dining room table.

Because the truck took a monumental crap and died last night on the way home, I was stuck in the house by myself for most of the afternoon. There's nothing like forced immobility to let loose the creative juices, right? So I made a couple of bracelets, one of which also has matching earrings.

A shot of the bracelet and earrings resting on my new bead board. The blue-green beads are some sort of primitive looking frosted irregular glass that I found at St. Teresa's Textile Trove in Cincinnati last Saturday.

A close-up shot of the danglies at the end of the bracelet (which are composed of glass beads, Swarovski bicone crystals, and hematite stars).


  1. Is lovely. Would like to make a pilgrimage to a bead store and/or devote a day where we do nothing but craft and eat take-out.

  2. These were my favorite beads all day at St. Teresa's. If I could have thought of something I would have used them for, I would have bought a strand.